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The organization of events, exhibitions, events and exhibitions at the museum site is entrusted to the Cultural Association "The New Gàruli", located in the municipality of Ne; these initiatives fall under the name of "Events of Talpone". (


Befane in miniera!!!

Domenica 7 Gennaio si ripropone l’Epifania in miniera con un manipolo di allegre befane a raccontare storie e distribuire dolci sorprese ai più piccolini!

Un modo diverso di vivere la tradizione con l’associazione che ripropone la riuscita iniziativa del 2017 che vide il record storico di affluenza al sito minerario. Tra befane, trenino , miniera e le dolcezze del caso, un giorno indimenticabile per i visitatori più giovani!

E buona Epifania a tutti!



Domenica 3 Dicembre si festeggierà Santa Barbara, la santa patrona dei minatori: una ricorrenza importante per ricordare uomini e donne che hanno sacrificato la loro vita per il benessere della Val Graveglia.

At 10:30 am he will celebrate the Ss. Start at the visitor center and follow the procession to the village of miners for the blessing of the gallery named after her and effigy of the saint;

From 12:00 by refreshing the Pro Loco Graveglia and the famous pasta and beans Dante Bertoli;

At 14:00 opening of the exhibition Sulfur Coal & realized by Speleologica Federation Regional dell'Emilia Romagna;

16:00 Live music with the folk group "The Friends of Graveglia" accompanied by mulled wine;

At 17:00 extraction of "Lottery Gàrula", the charity raffle in favor of the cultural association "The New Gàruli".

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An opportunity to learn about the Gambatesa Mine through a dynamic and original show about the life and work of the miners, their passion and their stories in a unique, charming place, all staged by a company of young performers .
An opportunity for a trip outside that – thanks to the numerous restaurants, Inns and farmhouses in the area – also delighting the palate can end;-)

NEXT REPLICAS 16 And September 17, 2017

Entrance first group: 18:00
Entering the second group: 19:30 hours

The duration of the show is 70 min. about
We recommend that you dress appropriately (no flip-flop Sandals heels/no/no etc) and a sweater or a sweatshirt.
The entire journey takes place in complete safety.


Written and directed by Fabio Fiori
With: Giulia Capurro, Eugenia De Grossi, Roberto Dal Ben, Luca Di Franco, Roberto Imperato, Fabio Fiori
Assistant staging: Claudia Araimo






The mining area of ​​Gambatesa proves even more fascinating at night, especially Sunday, August 13: the traditional visits will be added additional departures at 18:00, 18:30 and 19:00. At 20:30 the local tourist Graveglia propose the aperitif with local specialties buffet, from baciocca to red onions stuffed Zerli, all accompanied by local white wine and red.

Quindi alle 21:30 si entra nel vivo con l’allestimento di postazioni di osservazione astronomica a cura dell’associazione astrofili Arcturus di Chiavari che metterà a disposizione attrezzature ed esperti.


no later than Saturday, 12.

Ticket price: €20.00 per person, including visit to the mine, aperitif and astronomical observation.

For info:

For reservations: 0185-338876




27-28.05. 2017


Il patrimonio minerario della Val Graveglia ha recentemente ritrovato, con la riapertura del sito minerario di Gambatesa, il suo baricentro, eccezionale testimonianza di una realtà industriale che ha profondamente inciso sul tessuto socio-economico della valle e del territorio circostante.

Liguria has a long mining tradition: if indeed Gambatesa is no mine very old with about 140 years of activity, it is simply due to the fact that manganese is a metal abstract therein only discovered in the late 1700s; But if we look at Iron, copper or the famous slate, then we discover that mining activities in our region have their roots in pre-Romanesque period.

Following the opening to the public of this monument to history and struggle, the Association, in partnership with the Ski Mine Srls (current site manager) organized the first Festival of mining of the Val Graveglia: a two-day event that aims to bring together, in time, collectors, enthusiasts or just curious from all over Italy around this known and appreciated site Museum.

The festivals and associated events is organized on the occasion of IX National Day of Mines.


Saturday, May 27

09:00: opening of exhibition stands
15:30: the author from La Spezia Giuseppe Passarino officially presents the book"Manganese, Minerals, Mining and Graveglia Stories“.

Il testo, stampato nel 2015, ha atteso la riapertura del museo minerario per essere presentato ufficialmente, in presenza della autorità del Comune di Ne e del Parco dell’Aveto che hanno contribuito alla sua realizzazione. Il testo rappresenta un’immagine viva della storia, della geologia e della mineralogia della valle, presentati con un linguaggio semplice e diretto, capace di appassionare il lettore in un viaggio nel recente passato minerario della Val Graveglia.

18:45: closing of exhibition stands
ALL DAY: UNDERPRESSURE! The theme of pressure in various forms with which it can be associated with the mining theme:
Pressure ofAIR: compressed air was the main driving force in the mining site, generated in compressor room and conveyed to drills, shovels, scrapers, hoists etc. For the occasion will be:
– the official opening of the compressor room of Gambatesa, a place that encloses the industrial core of the site, the beating heart. A place where even today the smell of grease and lubricating oil refers to when the air was compressed and piped in "lungs" before entering the tunnel and distributed in every corner of the mine.
L’esposizione dei perforatori ad aria compressa che si sono avvicendati nell’esecuzione delle gallerie della miniera, dai primi a secco a quelli successivi “ad umido” del cosiddetto “metodo svedese” introdotto negli anni ’40.
Pressure of the GAS: always the miners lit tunnels in the mountain with the familiar acetylene lamps, a gas derived from the reaction between water and calcium carbide;
- a series of panels will reconstruct the history and evolution of mining lamps with special attention to those acetylene, the kind that were used in the mining sites of Val Graveglia where Italian lamps "Aquilas" and "Ricceri" were certainly most widespread.
– unique patterns and representative of mine lamps will be on show to visitors, in addition to many dishes from exhibitors from all over Italy.
Pressure ofWater; numerous mining sites had a common fate after the end of extraction: the flooding. They would be places destined to oblivion were it not for some practitioners of cave diving able to explore and gain important evidence that allow you to pass on at least some glimpse ....
– At 19:00: video projection of the filming of the speleo-diver Nicola Ferroni and regarding the exploration of a mine site flooded; stunning images, a photograph of an extraction site was left as the last day of activity before the water takes possession of each space. An adventure told by those who cultivate a passion with great professionalism, in a complex environment that requires uncommon technical skill.

(photo: credits to Mario Comi)

Sunday, May 28

09:00: opening of exhibition stands
18:00: closing of exhibition stands
All day: photo exhibition "Val Graveglia: a light in the darkness"; a review of the images used in underground Graveglia and they want to tell, through the images, geology, human impact, industrial archeology, biodiversity of these environments unknown to most.

For years now, there are many photographers-professionals or amateurs-who are dedicated to always interpret personal and different underground environments and what they contain, with suggestive and fascinating results; a different way to see the mountains from below ...

(photo: credits to Michael Garibaldi)

For both days, will be present on farms and local restaurants Hospitality Widespread website Consortium members, who will organize the tasting of local products and food service.


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