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MINE GAMBATESA a history that began in 1876 ... that continues today !!!

History of Mine Gambatesa

The history of mining Gambatesa begins in 1876 when it was granted the first license to explore the French engineer Augusto Fages who explored the lands of the eastern Liguria


The underground network

The Gambatesa mine has today a network of tunnels counting almost 25 kilometers, divided into seven main levels and many sublevels, communicating with each other by means of inclined tunnels and shafts.


Photographs of the Mine

Wagon for transportation of ore, Mushrooms of chestnut wood, Ancient buildings mining, Mining Village, The perforator compressed air and the preparation of the sprint


Where is Mine

The Mining Museum Gambatesa Mine is Graveglia valley, in the municipality of Ne, hinterland of Lavagna.