The underground network

The Gambatesa mine has today a network of tunnels counting almost 25 kilometers, divided into seven main levels and many sublevels, communicating with each other by means of inclined tunnels and shafts.

The main levels are, from the bottom to the top, the level 508, level 530, level 550 or level Cadorin, level 570,en or level Saint Barbara,es, level 595 or level Follador, level 615 and the uppermost one, level 645; all levels are named with their quote above sea level.

The exploitation of the mineralized lenses has left behind large cavities, the largest of which is, to date, the largest one resulting from manganese ore mining in Europe, which measures approximately 220 meters in length, 50 in width and 40 in height, after the exploitation of the so-called "“Lente Nord” (north lense)that provided almost 600.000 tonns of manganese ore.

Gambatesa underground network

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